Keep Learning,

Stay in the Game.

Your adversaries in cyberspace keep getting better everyday, developing new exploits and techniques to overcome your defenses. The only weapon we have to counter the threat is sharing the solutions with our peers and keep practicing.

InterCybeX is a brand of Cyber International LLC, providing consulting services in software development relating to cybersecurity, specializing in organizing events and conducting training programs in the field of cybersecurity. InterCybeX organizes live exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, and trade shows both in the USA and US-friendly nations in the EMEA region.

Lead by Example,

Increase Organizational Awareness.

Organizations require a well-informed leadership if they are to survive the coming cyber-storm and make necessary changes to adapt to the challenges ahead. Increasing the organizational awareness and minimizing avoidable cyber risks begins with the buy-in of c-suite executives, directors, generals, or whoever is in charge. InterCybeX takes pride in organizing conferences, tailor-made executive training programs, and providing consulting to organizations for developing a better cybersecurity posture.

Man the Walls,

Defend the Castle.

InterCybeX teams up with private and academia partners with considerable knowledge of the current trends and developments in the cyber operations field, and bring instructors to your desired location for workshops and seminars. We believe in the value of hands-on training opportunities and deliver lab environment training either in our classrooms or in your desired locations to best fit your needs. Our technical training programs include courses dedicated to a wide range of cybersecurity topics, please contact us for detailed information.

Explore New Markets,

Grow Your Business.

Take your place in InterCybeX expos and trade shows to penetrate new markets and connect with possible clients you never knew existed. Become a part of our private cybersecurity trade missions to and from US-friendly countries. Let us help you find the right partners to develop your business connections overseas. Sign up for our international cybersecurity newsletter to be informed about out upcoming events.

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